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Redesigning this garden in Stratford upon Avon was a great success.  There were lots of established plants within the garden to work with plus a lovely Breezehouse.  Lucy's task was to pull the space together and give it a contemporary twist for the young family to enjoy.  The existing terrace was also too small and felt quite crampt.

The new scheme incorporates a large new porcelain paved terrace off the house, with lounge seating and a firetable.  Stepping stones across the lawn link this space with the Breezehouse and BBQ area.  The archway frames the entrance into this second zone and the new Yew hedge will work well, once established, with the existing structure and layers of hedging.

Slatted cedar gives a beautiful backdrop to the built in outdoor kitchen, this will silver over time unless oiled regularly.  The existing fencing and shed were painted black to help them sink into the background, allowing the planting to stand out against the dark backdrop.

The planting scheme was created to be low maintenance while adding lots of texture, structure and pops of colour.

This project was built by The Greatest Scapes

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