It's difficult to know what's involved unless you have had your garden designed before, so we have detailed the various stages below.

Initial consultation





Lucy will visit you to to talk through your requirements and view the space.  This will be followed by a written brief and quotation

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Site survey



Once commissioned, Lucy will return to measure the site and take 'before' photos.  Sometimes a full topographical survey is required.  This will be outsourced and priced separately

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Concept design

An initial design scheme is then presented for discussion and further development.  This will show the general layout of the garden, eg. entertaining areas, lawns, planted zones etc. It will also include moodboard images. 




The initial concept will be developed into a detailed proposal.  This will show all levels, suggested materials, lighting, plus notes on all elements and can ultimately be used for the garden construction.  Details on bespoke features such as pergolas and water features will also be included.









You may have contractors in place or we can recommend trusted landscapers we work with regularly.  The masterplan and notes are passed onto the contractors to submit their quotations.

Garden Shed
Planting Plan






While the contractors are producing quotations for the build, we work on the planting design.  This identifies each plant and it's eventual spread, the plant name, number and pot size. Plant images are also provided.


It's now time to make the design a reality!  The chosen landscape team will begin work on site.  Lucy will keep in contact with the team and likes to visit site during the build to see the design take shape but if you would like full project management, please make us aware and this will be priced separately.    

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Plant sourcing

Having worked for a commercial plant nursery, Lucy has developed extensive contacts in the horticultural industry and is able to source quality plants and specimen trees at competitive rates.  Planting makes a huge difference and Lucy would be delighted to source your plants.

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We can provide a maintenance plan if required.  This will be priced separately and will include guidance on tasks to carry out through the year to maximise the success of your new garden.

Gardening Tools