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  • Lucy Bravington


I'm forever taking photos of trees and always try to include at least one in every garden design. I love them!

Even small gardens can usually incorporate a tree of some form, usually a multistem Amelanchier to maximise the seasonal interest. Most trees can be maintained to a preferred size so shouldn't end up taking over the space. Below I used a Cercis canadensis to add some multistem interest and purple leaf colour to my design scheme.

Trees can offer vertical interest, sculptural form, a canopy for privacy, habitats and food for wildlife, fruit for us, autumn leaf colour, bark interest, dappled shade, focal points and an opportunity for a tree house! These are just some of the reasons to love them and include them in your garden!

Below I used London Plane trees in parasol form to create a striking walkway through this garden I designed.

I have used pleached trees in many of my designs. The two images below show a couple of examples. Pleached trees can add privacy, drama or can frame areas for different uses.

Silver birch trees are really useful for their bright bark colour, particularly when using a limited palette of colours, like in my design below. They look fantastic when mature and their bark starts peeling away, as below.

Autumn colour is one of my favourite elements to bring to a garden - when most gardens are quietly going to sleep for the winter, why not have one last foray of colour!

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