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  • Lucy Bravington

People often ask...

...What made you get into Garden Design?

I'd always loved drawing in my childhood and during my GCSE art preferred to draw intricate pieces in pen or pencil rather than expressive Picasso-esque explosions of colour like my classmates.  I was often marked down for this but I much preferred this style and now see its clear link with my chosen career! I'd produce pieces like this one below which I drew in 2000.

My preference for the finer detail has become essential in garden design and I really enjoy producing my hand drawn designs, such as the one below.

I add depth by using various pen sizes and add colour to the masterplan. My clients love the hand drawn designs and have been known to frame them!

Anyway...back to the question. I've always loved drawing and my parents had their garden designed when I was about 15, this sparked the idea.  I'd considered being an architect earlier but the prospect of 7 years training was a little off-putting.  I completed a business degree after A-levels in hope to keep my options open and potentially allow me to run my own business at some stage.  After my degree, Garden Design still interested me so I enrolled at Pershore College and completed an HNC in Garden Design.  My business degree and garden design qualification were combined and I then launched Lucy Bravington Design!

I love all aspects of design; gardens, architecture, fashion, branding, art, etc. but find gardens in particular combine so many elements which make every project so interesting.  I have to consider; the use of space, levels, engineering, colour, materials, lighting, planting, maintenance, texture, focal points, water...the list goes on.  I also really enjoy the collaboration between me, the designer, the client and the contractor.

With such multi-faceted schemes, I don't think I shall ever tire of Garden Design and I'm so pleased with my career choice :)

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