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Lucy designed a new front and rear garden scheme to enhance and compliment this newly extended and renovated home in Leamington Spa.  The Crittal doors now lead onto an upper terrace which is softened and framed with planting.  A pergola walk leads to a further dining space.  There is also a new Breezehouse and hardwood deck cantilevered over a new pond.  The pond has been expertly built to include a natural style waterfall, adding sound and movement to this corner of the garden.

Every corner of the garden was redeveloped so the planting will take some time to establish, but will eventually offer screening, fragrance, texture and colour.

The front garden and driveway has new planting, sett driveway, feature trees and boundary hedges.

Lighting adds another element of interest in the evening and looks stunning from inside the house, even through the winter.

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