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10 Steps to your lockdown garden

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Follow these simple steps to achieve your dream garden design during lockdown.....

1. Email your brief or complete the design questionnaire.  As much detail as possible please, images and rough measurements would be great.  Please call if you prefer, to discuss your project.

2. Lucy will then email your full garden design quotation - detailing the fees for a concept design/masterplan and planting plan, plus further optional services.

3. If you decide to proceed, Lucy will arrange a visit to survey the garden (if you are within 30minutes drive away) following social distancing guidelines or if your garden is larger than average, a topographical survey will be carried out (by others). If neither of these are possible, a concept design can potentially be based on a desktop study, eg. google maps, land registry plans and house sale particulars etc. Alternatively, you can provide your own measurements, following some guidance from Lucy as to what is needed to start designing.

4. Lucy will then work on the CONCEPT garden design remotely, as normal.  

5. The concept design will be sent via email and will be discussed over the phone, skype or email.

6. Revisions will be made to the design and a MASTERPLAN will then be sent, again via email.

7. The Masterplan can then be sent to contractors for pricing.

8 In meantime, Lucy will work on your PLANTING PLAN which, as previous stages, will be carried out remotely and sent via email for discussion and any revisions.

9 Lucy will be available to answer any queries from the contractors and their quotes will be sent directly to you to review.  They will also make you aware of their availability and coronavirus working methods.

10 You can relax in the knowledge your garden has been designed to fit your brief, is priced and booked in ready for when the coronavirus lockdown is lifted or, if possible, can be constructed soon following government social distancing guidelines

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