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What I got up to in March...

Things always pick up pace in March, when the weather starts to warm up and everything seems to wake up in the garden. Typically I had an influx of new enquiries; all different types and sizes of gardens, after-all no two gardens are ever the same. I'll talk you through some of them below...

(NB. All the images are 'before' shots)

1) The first new project was an established cottage garden in need of some restructuring and lawn to add focus. The garden has a huge herbaceous bed which creates a riot of colour and texture in the summer but can look a bit sad the rest of the year, blocks the view of the long garden and my clients just missed some lawn! Look out for the transformation of this space on my blog or Instagram.


2) Another project I have been designing in March is this long family garden, below. The garden is a real blank canvas and my clients are keen to add a large entertaining space, water feature, fire pit area, kitchen garden and retain some lawn. Keep an eye out for updates once this project is under construction.


3) The next scheme I have been tackling is a very steeply sloped family garden, as part of a house extension project. This garden has stunning views over Ilmington and beyond and I see the levels as a great asset rather than a problem. Handled right, this space will be stunning! Keep an eye on updates and the finished garden which should be complete in early 2018.


4) Keeping with the levels theme, the following scheme incorporates some level changes, just not so extreme! My client is after a redesign to create a softer space with seating in the far corner as she doesn't like the current artificial lawn. She would like lots of textural planting, built in seating and would like to retain the large patio space by the house.


5) Finally, a long term project, I designed last year is starting to come to life on site now. Trees and hedging to go in early April, followed by planting to the patio beds. It's a stunning site and house and I can't wait to see the whole scheme complete!

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