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  • Lucy Bravington

A trip to Kiftsgate

I visited Kiftsgate Court Gardens on the 13th August for some inspiration and to refresh my memory on what has always been my favourite garden. I love its more informal vibe compared to Hidcote. Don't get me wrong, I love structure in a garden; hedges and a definite link to geometry but this garden has a more inviting feel, perhaps because it's still family owned.

I toured the whole garden taking in the cottage style planting and soft layout wrapping around 3 sides of the house.

The wide borders were a delight to walk through....

...leading towards a surprising addition to the garden. The Water Garden creates a stark contrast to the rest of the garden. It's been created from an old tennis court and I feel is a great success! It's such a simple concept and provides a very calming, tranquil space.

Walking back through the Rose borders, there are some interesting plant combinations working with the roses. This area is particularly feminine, no doubt due to the garden being designed and developed by women since 1920. I continued back through the garden, making my way down the banks, under the Monterey Pines, to the Lower Garden. This area of the garden, and it's views on the way down, are my favourite. The semi-circular pool is a triumph and sits perfectly in the space. This area of the garden was created in the 50's by Diany Binny and has definitely stood the test of time.

The ha-ha creates a seamless junction between the garden and epic landscape beyond.

The view back up to the house is pretty spectacular too. I always find visitors linger in this part of the garden the longest. Partly because of its scale and beauty but probably also in preparation for the climb back up the banks!

Time for a well deserved tea and cake after that workout! :)

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