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  • Lucy Bravington

Platinum medal and Best Construction Award!!

My first show garden received a Platinum medal and Best Construction award so I couldn't be happier! Some people weren't sure where the platinum medal sits, it is above a Gold medal, so pretty happy with my first attempt at designing a show garden!!

After months of planning and a 15 day build in heavy rain we couldn't stop smiling and were all so proud of what we achieved.

Here I am clutching our Platinum award with the Design It Landscapes build team. Dan Ryan lead his team to create a stunning finish which the judges rated the Best Construction, hence the golden shovel trophy!!

The show opened on Thursday 13th June and ran until the 16th and even the continual heavy rain couldn't deter visitors. As we talked through the space many people exclaimed "oh I thought it reminded me of The High Line!" as they read about the garden's inspiration, so that was very pleasing to have successfully created a garden so clearly inspired by New York's elevated public park.

I had the pleasure of talking to the legendary Monty Don just before he was interviewed in the show garden. He said he loved the garden and particularly the restraint of the planting, the fact I hadn't tried to cram too many varieties or colour into the scheme. He also said it was his favourite garden at the show, which was good enough for me! I think I shall cherish that comment forever.

The corten elements really stood out against the very lush planting and I was so pleased with how the bespoke panels worked, depicting windows on the buildings surrounding the High Line in New York. One visitor commented on how great the garden would be for wildlife and could see birds using the square cut outs on the panels as perches or perhaps creating a nest in them, which was a lovely thought. The bee's were very active even thought the planting had only been in a day or two and loved the Stachys monieri 'Hummelo'.

The other plants which attracted a lot of attention during the show was of course the stunning multi-stem Ginkgo biloba trees. We chose these as they are a common street tree in New York and also just because, who doesn't love Ginkgo trees!? I had wanted to use three multi-stem trees in the scheme from the beginning and fell in love with them at Hortus Loci.

The calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Karl Foerster' grass was also popular due to its height and movement. The pink/rust coloured panicles worked really well with the metal elements in the garden too.

So, my first show garden was a great success and many people are already asking "what's next?..."

I've definitely got the show garden bug so I'm sure there will be more to come, I just need to decide where, possibly Hampton Court. If you know anyone who would like to sponsor or be involved in a show garden in the future please do get in touch!

Finally I'd like to that our sponsors:

Marshalls - paving

Rowlawn - topsoil and turf

Londonstone - cladding

Readyhedge - Hedge and box balls

Hortus Loci - Ginkgo biloba trees and perennials

Simon Probyn sculpture - Moon gate

Wythall Landscape Centre - various build materials

H.M Lowe & Sons Timber - bench timber treatment

...and suppliers:

Stark & Greensmith - bespoke corten panels

Hardscape - bespoke granite bench bases

LG Welding - bespoke steel bench brackets

Everedge - corten edging and bespoke planter

The Pot Co - corten water bowl/fore bowl

Southgate Timber - bench timber

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